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Amedei's journey begins from a small artisan laboratory in search of excellence in 1990, a path built step by step through study, passion, rediscovery of ancient processing methods, an adventure that goes as far as the distant places of origin of cocoa. where Amedei found the finest plantations and seeds in the world, establishing full control over the entire production chain. Craftsmanship, taste and a unique style, made in Tuscany, distinguish Amedei chocolate all over the world, the Pontedera artisan company controls the entire production chain and chooses the most sought-after raw materials, working them with an ancient method, to give life to creations of excellence made of few ingredients of the highest quality: cocoa beans (such as Criollo and Trinitario), cane sugar, milk and selected fruit, the mastery in cocoa processing is the result of years of agronomic knowledge and experimentation, where through an artisanal method, Amedei transforms the rarest cocoa beans in the world into real chocolate works of art. Amedei creates a harmony between ingredients, textures and aromas, giving life to chocolates with a unique aromatic profile, an Italian know-how, in which elegance, simplicity and passion for chocolate come together in a taste that recalls the magic of the land in which it is made. created, Tuscany.

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