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Tequila Anejo Cristallino - Volcan de mi Tierra

Tequila Anejo Cristallino - Volcan de mi Tierra

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  • Very light yellow almost white color

  • On the nose, hints of cooked agave and dried fruit, notes of vanilla and hints of tobacco, chocolate and caramel

  • On the palate it is very elegant, almost crunchy, mineral, returns of chocolate and tobacco
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    Type : Agave distillate

    Country – Region : Mexico, Jalisco

    Alcohol level : 40 % Vol.

    Bottle size : 0.70 L

    Serving temperature : serve at room temperature, about 20 °C

    DISTILLATION AND REFINING This Tequila is born in Jalisco (Los Valles) 100% agave, Champagne yeast in stainless steel tanks, double distillation in copper pot, refines in French oak barrels, whiskey barrels, cognac barrels, used barrels

    A PIECE OF ADVICE … The traditional way to taste tequila is to serve it in an earthenware glass accompanied with salt and lime juice placed on the back of the hand. This would go particularly well with the basically herbaceous and dry flavor of the distillate. The tequila is combined with various typical Mexican dishes. Another way to consume tequila, also well known outside of Mexico, is in the preparation of the Tequila Bum Bum cocktail, diluted in a glass with 1/3 of tonic water, beaten a couple of times on the table (hence the name ) and finally swallowed in one go

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    Tequila Anejo Cristallino - Volcan de mi Tierra

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