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Pure Organic Gin - Engine
Pure Organic Gin - Engine

Pure Organic Gin - Engine

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  • Engine is the 100% Organic Italian Gin that takes you on the road to freedom, straight to your roaring dreams

  • Gin with balsamic aromas of juniper are complemented by the fresh notes of lemon zest and an intense sage scent on an elegant floral background

  • On the palate it has a slightly bitter finish of the sage leaves, perfectly balanced by the sweet ones of the licorice root and lemon
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    Type of distillate : Gin

    Botanical : juniper, sage and lemon

    Method : Modern

    Country – Region : Piemonte

    Alcohol level : 42% Vol.

    Bottle size : 0.50 l

    DISTILLATION Gin Engine was born in the Langhe, in Piedmont, land of ancient traditions, where a virtuous natural remedy based on sage and lemon was used as an "elixir of happiness". The distillation, however, takes place under vacuum, at extremely cold temperatures, thanks to the use of a latest generation rotary evaporator which represents the real engine of this small Italian distillery

    A PIECE OF ADVICE … A fragrant gin excellent as an ingredient for mixing, in particular for the preparation of Gin & Tonic or Gin Fizz, but also for the Martini Cocktail, thanks to the presence of lemon essential oils, Engine can also be tasted on the rocks, as an unusual digestive, always served with a sage leaf as a garnish

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    Pure Organic Gin - Engine

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